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Camella Homes has more than 37 years of building experience in affordable house and lot for sale.

Camella Homes is the country's largest developer of affordable and low-cost housing.

At Camella Homes, we envision a Filipino community in every subdivision we create.

Camella Homes is a project of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc.
Camella Homes, where every FIlipino feels at home.
For inquiries, call us at Local: +632 584 0660 | U.S. Toll Free: +1 323 319 4689
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    Brittany – This is where your life should be.
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    Brittany – This is where your life should be.
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    Georgia Club

    Brittany – This is where your life should be.
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    Brittany – This is where your life should be.

Like its low-cost, affordable housing counterpart Camella Homes, Brittany is the pioneer housing developer in building themed luxury communities inspired by European and American home living. Projects developed under Brittany combine the charm of old world with the elegance of modern design.

The architectural features of the luxury house projects of Brittany rival the beautifully-executed homes in Europe and America to provide homeowners the best of the world right on their doorsteps. Brittany corporation builds luxuries residential properties and estates in premier master-planned communities to cater to the home living expectations of the high-end market.

With Brittany, you can experience real estate development rooted on excellence that surpasses the standards of property development. It is geared towards creating the greatest urban landscapes of the world. Brittany’s luxury houses and estates are designed to change the industry of conventional real estate by championing excellence in its craftsmanship, planning, and personal service.

Much like other housing developments of Vista Land such as Camella Homes, Brittany can provide you, the Filipino family, the greatest architectural marvels of the world, defining luxury as an everyday lifestyles. This is where your life should be.

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